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Maximilian Marschall

Hello, I’m Maximilian - Cloud enthusiast and Consultant

27 years old and loving technology. I’m open-minded and willing to learn, and have been interested in computers and networking since I was a kid.

I took my first steps in scripting and programming at the age of 8. After that I wanted to know everything about computers and their software and how it works.

Because of my personal interests, I’m running my very own DNS, Mail, and Web Servers, as well as some other services. I aim to achieve a highly scalable and available infrastructure; that’s why I’m always using state-of-the-art software and tools.


Currently I’m employed as Unit Lead - Cloud Native International at evoila in Vienna, Austria. My main focus is helping our Customers to make the best use of Cloud Native Technologies using Kubernetes and all the bits and pieces around it. Including but not limited to On-Prem Kubernetes Clusters (mostly VMware Tanzu), GitOps (Argo), Monitoring, Alerting, and Backup.

Before that, I was employed at A1 Telekom Austria AG as an IT Architect and DevOps Engineer. At work, I’m implementing a self-made network monitoring system and taking care of a Kubernetes cluster consisting of 20+ servers. I’ve also worked on automation for network products (Cisco, Aruba, Meraki,…) and some other use cases.


My Homelab consists of three Compute Nodes rocking dual Intel Xeon 2680v4 and 224GB DDR4 ECC RAM each running the whole VMWare Stack. For storage, I’m using TrueNAS Scale and MinIO, running on a dedicated server with a single 2690v4 and 128GB DDR4 ECC.

As network switches, I’m using a mix of Cisco and Mikrotik, and all the servers are connected to at least two 10Gbit ports.

On them, I host my website and also some other services like Bitwarden_rs, Mailcow, and Jellyfin, among others, in a Kubernetes cluster.

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