What you should know about me

Maximilian Marschall

Hello I’m Maximilian.

25 years old and loving technology. I’m open minded and willing to learn and have been interested in computers and networking since I had been a kid.

I did my first steps in scripting and programming at the age of 8. After that I wanted to know everything about computers and their software and how it works.

Because of my personal interests I’m running my very own DNS. Mail and Web-Servers and also some other Services. I aim to achieve a highly scalable and available infrastructure, that’s why I’m always using state of the art software and tools.


Currently I’m employed at A1 Telekom Austria AG as an IT-Architect and DevOps Engineer. At Work I’m implementing a self-made network monitoring system and taking care of some Kubernetes Cluster consisting of 20+ servers. I’ve also worked on automation for network products (Cisco, Aruba, Meraki,…) and some other use cases.


My Homelab consists of one Server rocking an Intel Xeon 2640v4 and 128GB DDR4 ECC RAM, it’s built with Supermicro Mainboards (X10SRI-F) and in a custom case.

I’m using Proxmox as an Hypervisor and OPNSense as my Firewall.

On there I host my Website and also some other services like bitwarden_rs, mailcow, jellyfin in an kubernetes cluster.

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